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Day of Schedule

Market Animal College will begin at roughly 9 am on Saturday, April 23rd with a short break for lunch followed by our afternoon demonstrations on fitting of goats, lambs & cattle by industry professionals. 

See our FULL tentative schedule, below, to begin to plan your day-of courses you want to attend.

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Course Descriptions

Check out the descriptions of each course, below, to better plan for your day at Market Animal College!

The following courses will each be taught twice throughout the morning schedule.

Cattle, Goat, Hog & Lamb Nutrition

Feeding show stock is a lot more than just buying show feed, filling your scoop, and feeding your show animals twice a day. We want to take it a step further in these individual species nutrition courses by better understanding the feed tag and implementing how we can feed to the animals' body type. By understanding how to feed each animal correctly we can truly bring out the best in our stock.

The Power of Supplements

Do supplements work?  Are they worth the money?  Let’s dissect a few together and go over scenarios of what these tools do, why or when we should use them, and examples of each.  This is a good class that would complement the nutrition classes because body type and being able to recognize flaws in your livestock are very important in being able to select what supplements you should use to help fix those flaws.

Cattle Training & Showmanship Tips

Showing a 1400# animal can be very difficult.  There is a lot to do, a lot to remember, and a lot going on in a cattle show ring.  Give us the opportunity to help you better stand out and learn some tricks of the trade.  Keeping that head up, using your show stick efficiently, and walking into place is just a few examples.  Come learn from the best.

Hog Training & Showmanship Tips

Showing pigs competitively today is much more difficult and intense.  To separate yourself from the rest of the class you and your show hog must work together.  Heads must be up and things must go smooth.  In this class, we plan on going over how to get that done along with some tips and tricks that you can use along the way.

Goat & Lamb Training Techniques

We want to introduce mirror training.  Everyone gets frustrated when you are practicing getting your goat or lamb set just right and a parent or sibling says this isn’t right, this doesn’t look good, or this isn’t square.  We want to give you the opportunity to see for yourself what you are doing right, wrong, and different along the way with mirror training.  We will also cover ways to get set quickly and efficiently.

Animal Health Q&A

You have worked so hard to get your show animal ready.  It’s a month before fair, and your animal gets sick.  Could you have prevented it?  Did you miss the signs?  How do I treat it?  This is a class where you can learn anything from things to look out for, how to properly read a label and give a shot, and how to how to register your livestock.

Marketing Your Project

We all love show day and it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to get to that point.  But are you doing all the necessary things to also ensure you have buyers there to support you on sale day?  Learn from business owners and people in the community what they look for when a 4-H or FFA student comes to them asking for support.  Also, some things to help bring out new business and support in an already saturated market.

Prospect Selection

The bar is set for the rest of the year when you make your project selection and purchase your show stock.  What are some things to look for, pay attention to, and what’s popular right now.  Let us educate you on things you need to know and ask when making these decisions so you can make the right decisions and start off on the right foot for the year.

Exercise vs. Nutrition

Train for the results that you want.  These show animals are athletes, and you need to treat them as such.  Not only is diet important, but how those calories are utilized is also important.  Let’s take it a step further and talk about how the exercise regiment you have, is it the right one?  What other options do you have?  Want to challenge you to think outside the box in this class.


Following the Formal Closing of our event, at 12:40, fitting demonstrations will occur in the Main Show Ring for Lambs, Goats & Cattle.

Hands-On Cattle, Goat & Lamb Fitting Demo

No better way to learn this part of showing animals then to get dirty and do it yourself.  In the past we have had these classes to offer but this year we are setting aside more time and making more space so that everyone can get more involved and do things yourself.  We will also have a time to ask specific questions.  We will not have a hog fitting class this year.

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