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Rockingham Cooperative is a resource for all of your youth livestock showing needs.  Watch the video's below, and check back often for more video's, to expand your knowledge all year long!

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Rockingham Cooperative Resources

Rockingham Cooperative is proud to support our youth livestock showmen in many different ways.  From providing guidance to new or experienced showmen to offering financing on expenses associated with their project.  We invite you to review the resources below and take advantage of opportunities that exist to help our youth showmen succeed!

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Rockingham Cooperative's 0% Financing Program

Bring the linked form, below, into your closest Rockingham Cooperative location and ask the store manager for further details on what qualifies for 0% financing.

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Try Amino Power Show Feed on your Farm

Amino Power Show Feed is an economic line for youth showman to feed to their show livestock throughout the entire show season. Each feed is designed to be fed from start to finish for all four main show species and can be supplemented to achieve desired protein/fat/fiber levels.

$1 from each bag sold goes back to Rockingham Cooperative's Youth Agricultural Support Fund, purchasing youth market livestock at county fairs in our service area!

Visit the Amino Power Show Feed booth at Market Animal College to learn more, or you local Rockingham Cooperative Farm Supply location before or after the event!

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Show Feed Sale Days

At various times throughout the show season Rockingham Cooperative will offer sales on show feeds, supplements, and show supplies.  Check out our event calendar to see the next upcoming event!

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Starting Your Market Steer Project Off Right

4-H and FFA members, we like to be a resource to our customers, young and experienced, so we'll be releasing video's continuously to help you be a better producer, showman, and salesman with your project. Up first is Market Steers. Let's listen to Robbie McCammon discuss what all the numbers you get at your initial steer weigh-in mean. A big thanks goes out to Massanutten Tech Ctr Ag Production Center, Valley View Farms, and Eric Stogdale for hosting us for our first video.

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Why Goal Setting is Important

Why will more specific and well thought out goals help you in your upcoming 4-H & FFA youth livestock projects?? We've talked with some expert showmen to share their experience about why it's important. Thanks to Lianna Durrer, Paul Craun & Jacob Craun for sharing what they've learned to help younger members!

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Managing Your Short Legged Market Animals

Listen in as Robbie McCammon reviews some areas to keep in mind throughout your 4-H and FFA Livestock project year with your short-legged animals (lambs, goats, & hogs). Learn a little about evaluating your animal, selecting the right diet based on the composition of your livestock, and showmanship techniques to help you in the show ring! Visit us at Rockingham Cooperative to meet all of your market animal livestock raising and showing needs. Thank you, again, to MTC and the Working Land Laboratory for their partnership in filming this educational video!

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Additional Resources

Available Year-Round

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Virginia Cooperative Extension

Check out the resources and opportunities for youth livestock exhibitors to learn more.


Weaver Livestock Pro Tips

Weaver Show Supplies has lots of videos available to help youth exhibitors to fit their own livestock before the show!


State Fair of Virginia

Virginia State Fair Youth Livestock information is available here!

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